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Greek Geek

BLONDPosted by vagablond 2011-04-08 02:26:08

Today I had my first class of greek.

Yes, greek.

You must be thinking; has she gone mad?

And I am thinking exactly the same!

I learned the alphabet and how to construct sentences.

I learned the nominative, the dative, the genitive and the accusative or whatever these grammatical cases are called in English...

One of my Spanish professors happens to be a student of the greek language. So today I learned as much Greek as one could possibly learn within 4 hours - lectured in Spanish. Dios mio! or Θεέ μου if you like... (OMG)

Very interesting actually!

Did you know that βιβλίο "biblio" means book or literature?

That φίλο "filo" means friend, love or beloved?

or that σοφία means wisdom? (Sofia)

What I found interesting and what the rest of you g(r)eeks probably will find too, was to put together single words and find out how these have been derivated from greek!

All the different expressions such as archaeology, chronology, psychology, monologue... yes! haha, decoding words.

Almost as excited as Mr. Robert Langdon must have been cracking the Da Vinci code!

Archas (αρχή) = "beginning".

Logo or logos (λόγος) = "word/s", logia = "many words" --> study

Archaeology = study of the beginning

Great, isn´t it?

You all know what MONO means, hence a monologue = single word (μονόλογος)

But what does chrono mean, as in chronology?

Or psyche as in psychology?

And, to round it off, the word of today:

φ ι λ ο σ ο φ ί α

consisting of the words meaning friend/beloved and wisdom.

The love for wisdom, Philosophy.

Beautiful, isn´t it?

Vagablond - out&about

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