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Bye bye bad Monday

365Posted by vagablond 2012-01-23 20:55:26

Bad bad Monday.

I woke up early (05:30) and happy ( ) .

Lots of snow and lots of motivation to get early to work and start the week being efficient. All things were fantastic! - till I got out of bed. I hit my toe on the bed, ouch. I lit the light - light bulb died. Well well.. bad start, happy ending, right?

Shower. No conditioner.. Pfff... Hairdryer causes electricity fall out.. Great. Bad hair day. Still early.

Cappuccino? No milk..

Shovelling snow (06:10-06:30). Arriving at the garage. Opening the garage. Opening the car door. Starting the car? Nope. Batteries flat. Great. (06:35)...(06:45)...(06:50)

I phone a friend who, to my luck, overslept - she can pick me up. (07:00)... (07:10) COLD (07:12) I hear a car! Not my friend. I stop the car anyway and get help with the flat batteries. I cancel the pickup service and drive quickly to work. Not all the way though. 5 km on the road and I remember I have changed my handbag. I didn't bring my work access badge. 07:35: U-turn. 07:45: Back to where I was, on the way to work. Almost no fuel - but sufficient not to bother fuelling. I have no more time to loose!

RUSH HOUR. (08:00)... (08:10)... (08:20)

Arriving the office: 08:40! Never been this late.

Too much work ³. Too short lunch.

16:30 At the dentist.

17:00: A new appointment at the dentist in two weeks. Wisdom tooth bye bye.

Heading home. 17:45 No fuel.

Fuel price has gone up with 3 NOK since the morning. Great. Overpriced. Grumpy...

Home. Shovelling snow. Tired.

Now: Monday bye bye.

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